Nov 11

Scuba Diver – The underwater Archaelogy Park of Baia.




Scuba Diver – The underwater Archaelogy Park of Baia. The “Lost Worlds” Edition

An ancient city, preserved below the waves, now protected for the amazement of generations to come. In the south of Italy to the west of the Bay of Naples, in a harmonious landscape of rolling hills, lie the Phlegraean Fields, which, rightly, were called the “beloved homeland” of the Hellenic-Latin civilisation and which inspired Goethe to say: “It is in this land one remains astounded by the events of Nature and History!”  in collaboration with the Centro Sub Campi Flegrei.

My last job on The underwater Archaelogy Park of Baia , on Scuba Diver, this month.    Buy  On Line:

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