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IL MATTINO- Professione Virus-Reporter

  Il Mattino intervista,  durante la mia collaborazione con Ministero dell’Ambiente, Guadia Costiera e AMP di Nettuno, Gaiola e Baia. Lunedì 11 Maggio 2020                                

Ministero dell’Ambiente e tutela del Territorio e del Mare

  ISCHIA: REPORTAGE FOTOGRAFICO NELL’AREA MARINA PROTETTA REGNO DI NETTUNO       Dal fotografo Vassallo immagini di straordinaria bellezza. Costa: “Nel Post Covid ripartire da tutela e valorizzazione della nostra biodiversità” Un’iniziativa nell’ambito della Campagna #LeMeraviglieDelleAreeProtetteaCasa, di Mattm e Guardia Costiera    

UPY 2020 UndewaterPhotographeroftheYear

Welcome to UPY 2020, in my view the strongest collection yet! As always the category winners are jaw-dropping, but this year every single image is worthy of your attention. UPY always aims to showcase the diversity of disciplines and photographic styles that comprise ‘underwater photography’ and we love seeing photographers pushing the technical and artistic boundaries of the genre. We also appreciate classic images, when taken to new heights, and I am thrilled that UPY 2020 contains all these and more, with a real diversity of photos taken in waters from the polar oceans to the swimming pool. 2020 was another record breaker for UPY with entries rising to 5500, and the number of photographers also jumping up to 500! Thank you to those who continue to support UPY as well as those entering for the first time. We appreciate and enjoy seeing every image we receive. We were also pleased that the Underwater Photography Book of the Year category was the strongest yet, with a very tight field of excellent submissions, all would be a worthy addition to any underwater enthusiast’s bookshelf. Alex Mustard, on behalf of UPY.   Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year 2020: ‘Last […]

ASIAN DIVER, Cover. issue 1/2019


COVER, Ocean Geographic. Issue 46/2018

                COVER, Ocean Geographic. Issue 46/2018 WATER PLANET EDITION   …WHEN SAFE SEX IS NOT SAFE FOR OUR OCEAN…                      


“The cuttlefish and the condom”,was selected for today’s Daily Dozen. DAILY DOZEN Our favorite photos, chosen by National Geographic editors       Continue:        

TGCOMNEWS24, La fotografia di Pasquale Vassallo, candida ed immacolata bellezza

  vai al sito e guarda il video: La fotografia di Pasquale Vassallo, candida ed immacolata bellezza

Seacam Photographer Pasquale Vassallo

SEACAM PHOTOGRAPHER PASQUALE VASSALLO, Italy Ever since he was a child, SEACAM photographer Pasquale Vassallo has loved the sea. His underwater photography career started in 1989, focusing more and more on biology. Winners of many awards, his photos are being published in international magazines such as National Geographic, Tauchen, Dive Master, Discovery Magazine, Focus and countless others. Seit seiner Kindheit liebt SEACAM Fotograf Pasquale Vassallo das Meer. Die Unterwasser-Fotografie begann er 1989, mehr und mehr auf biologisches Interesse ausgerichtet. Vielfach ausgezeichnet, werden seine Fotos in internationalen Magazinen wie National Geographic, Tauchen, Dive Master, Discovery Magazin, Focus und vielen anderen veröffentlicht. • Canon EOS 5D /SR • Canon EOS 5D MKII • EF 8-15 4L II USM mm Fisheye, • EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM • EF 50mm Makro • EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM • SEACAM silver CANON EOS 5D S/R • SEACAM silver CANON EOS 5D MKII • SPORTSFINDER S 45, S10 • SD SUPERDOME, FMP PORT, MAKROPORT   Link to Facebook Page