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CANALE 5 – L’arca di Noè

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RAI- TG1 ore 20:00 del 01/03/2020

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UPY 2020 UndewaterPhotographeroftheYear

Welcome to UPY 2020, in my view the strongest collection yet! As always the category winners are jaw-dropping, but this year every single image is worthy of your attention. UPY always aims to showcase the diversity of disciplines and photographic styles that comprise ‘underwater photography’ and we love seeing photographers pushing the technical and artistic boundaries of the genre. We also appreciate classic images, when taken to new heights, and I am thrilled that UPY 2020 contains all these and more, with a real diversity of photos taken in waters from the polar oceans to the swimming pool. 2020 was another record breaker for UPY with entries rising to 5500, and the number of photographers also jumping up to 500! Thank you to those who continue to support UPY as well as those entering for the first time. We appreciate and enjoy seeing every image we receive. We were also pleased that the Underwater Photography Book of the Year category was the strongest yet, with a very tight field of excellent submissions, all would be a worthy addition to any underwater enthusiast’s bookshelf. Alex Mustard, on behalf of UPY.   Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year 2020: ‘Last […]

RAI 1- I Soliti Ignoti

RAI 1- I Soliti Ignoti—il-ritorno-67673bc5-3e93-48ca-9442-52c543085d70.html?wt_mc=2.www.fb.raiplay.&fbclid=IwAR3DGXBg5LeyWM5TqMO2SrvSa5c7feD1e_UjLoT02WRDf43j_BmhXZA0Gb0                                  

RAI1, UNO MATTINA- I pericoli dell’estate

UNO MATTINA ESTATE 2018 Martedì 14 Agosto I pericoli dell’estate   

IL MATTINO.IT Baia sommersa, cinque percorsi da non perdere

  Baia sommersa, cinque percorsi da non perdere | Video subacqueo Non si può arrivare a Napoli, o addirittura viverci, e perdersi una visita al parco sommerso di Baia che custodisce i tesori nascosti nello specchio d’acqua tra Lucrino e il Castello Aragonese. Statue (le copie perché gli originali sono custoditi nel Museo archeologico dei Campi Flegrei inaugurato nel 1993 nel Castello), resti di ville romane, terme, strade si possono ancora ammirare sui fondali facilmente esplorabili dai sub, ma anche dagli amanti dello snorkeling. Chi non volesse bagnarsi, invece, potrà ricorrere al Cymba, una barca dai fondali trasparenti. (Le immagini del video sono state concesse gratuitamente da Pasquale Vassallo) Continua a leggere e vedi il video:

Parco sommerso di Baia: una piccola Atlantide napoletana   Parco sommerso di Baia: una piccola Atlantide napoletana Statue romane, antiche ville, intere strade, terme: il parco sommerso di Baia custodisce sott’acqua storia e bellezza dal fascino antico… Continua a leggere, vai al link :        

“Indizi di felicità

  Il nuovo documentario di Walter Veltroni è un altro viaggio nelle vite degli italiani alla ricerca della tenerezza con le armi più grossolane e banali. Dal 22 maggio al cinema Il film/documentario. “Indizi di Felicità”  scene girate presso Baia con le riprese di Pasquale Vassallo ed il supporto del Centro Sub Campi Flegrei (22-23-24 maggio).   vedi il trailer

ADEX 2016

Pasquale Vassallo Judge and Relator of ADEX 2016 ADEX is the longest running and the largest dive expo in Asia celebrating its 22nd year in 2017. A must-attend event for anyone interested or involved in the world of diving, the event has seen a continuous increase in visitors over the past few years, with ADEX 2016 attracting a total of 57,793 visitors over three days! Taking place from April 7 – 9, ADEX 2017 proudly presents world-renowned marine life artists, conservationists and photographers to speak about their passion and work towards marine life. It is organized by Underwater360 (UW360), and is an event being endorsed by major organizations in the industry such as DEMA (USA), the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF). There is no need to vote for the ADEX dedication for 2017. Instead of a marine creature, ADEX will be dedicated entirely to Climate Change and the impact it is having, and will have, on our oceans. As the biggest challenge facing nature and humanity, we think the dive industry needs to face it head on and lead the way in combatting this threat to life on our blue planet. With its success in […]