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Dive Photo Guide: Photographer of the Week – Pasquale Vassallo

Pasquale Vassallo learned to appreciate the marine majesty of the Mediterranean from a young age, freediving to find octopuses and urchins. So it’s little surprise to see some of these characters appear in his award-winning imagery even today.

But the Naples native has expanded his horizons far from the Italian shoreline, capturing captivating critters in the Philippines and Lembeh. Pasquale’s images have earned top honors at the World Festival of Underwater Photography in Marseilles and at ADEX in Singapore.

Despite his diverse portfolio and resume of publications—National Geographic, Discovery Magazine, and Scuba Diver Ocean Planet—Pasquale seems to be forever inspired by his local waters. Several years ago, he co-founded the Naples International Photo Contest. Maybe it’s time to start planning the ultimate foodie/underwater photography dive trip to Italy…

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